"I purchased your kit because I found medicine that I didn't recognize in my son's room. It's a good thing I did because it tested positive for fentanyl. Thank you for making a test that's easy to use. " - Meredith

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Only 2mg of fentanyl can cause trouble breathing, dizziness, and can potentially be fatal. Why risk the unknown? In 3 minutes, you can quickly and confidently detect the presence of fentanyl with our rapid test strips. The Rescue Strips test kit can detect fentanyl down to low levels of 10 or 20 ng/mL. It has low to no cross-reactivity with methamphetamine or MDMA, and can detect 35 common fentanyl analogs.
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Detects 35 fentanyl analogs

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Four years ago, my husband got injured at work and was prescribed opioids as part of his treatment. When his prescription ran out, he resorted to seeking painkillers from friends and family. Unfortunately, what he believed to be percocet turned out to be laced with fentanyl and nearly killed him.

I knew enough at the time to run to a neighbor’s house in search of Narcan. Within minutes, the intense symptoms subsided and he recovered within half an hour. This horrific experience inspired me to find a solution that prevents this from happening to other people.

Rescue Strips is a minority, female-owned company.

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